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Nicky Cruz's life is fascinating, and all thanks to the love of Jesus. It’s so fascinating that the story of his life, captured in the bestseller "Run Baby Run" has been translated into more than 40 languages and remains in the 10 bestsellers worldwide. In the UK, New Finland, Australia and New Zealand it’s required reading in most high schools.

Nicky grew up in Puerto Rico in a dysfunctional home, surrounded by witchcraft, abuse and rejection; what caused him to escape to New York in the mid-fifties, where soon he became trapped by gang violence, becoming one of the main leaders of the terrible and famous Mau Mau gang in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

One day a small preacher reached the streets of Brooklyn devastated by gang wars to give Nicky a message: "Jesus loves you Nicky". Nicky's reaction was to threaten to kill the preacher, but weeks later at a meeting at St. Nicholas Arena in New York, Nicky Cruz gave his life to Jesus Christ and exchanged his weapons for the Bible.

From that day until today, Nicky continues traveling the world, visiting prisons, urban centers, stadiums, leading to millions of people in a growing relationship with Jesus through his powerful testimony.

And we are privileged to have him in our church! On Sunday January 18th. Invite family and friends, God is giving us an opportunity we cannot miss.

So do not waste any time, start inviting now, so that everyone who does not enjoy a fascinating life with Christ has the opportunity to hear what Jesus can do for him, as he did with us and Nicky Cruz .